Netflix Marco Polo and Renting DVDs at Redbox with Price Increases

I was listening to the Karen Hunter Show on Sirius XM Radio and she talked about a new tv show that was just released called Marco Polo. I started watching it one day, but stopped after just a few minutes.

It was a few days before I decided to pick it back up again. The slowdown of december is a great time to binge watch tv shows. The start of the show was slow, but netflix has done it again with a really good show.

One great reason to use netflix is the ability to watch shows back to back. I also rented some videos from redbox and was greeted with a big increase in the amount per dvd. Netflix is a much better value going forward. Redbox is raising prices when they should probably be doing the opposite. The trips to redbox will probably start dropping off for me. With netflix, you are not concerned with driving back to the store to return the dvds.

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NIKON CoolPix Digital Camera

Nikon COOLPIX L830 16MP CMOS Digital Camera With 34x Zoom NIKKOR Lens and Full 1080p HD Video Review
By []Shalini Mittal

Photos and HD videos can be delightful and detailed when you have the right camera. Digital cameras continue to evolve, making photography enjoyable for leisure and professional purposes. The Nikon COOLPIX L830 is an amazing digital camera featuring a telephoto glass lens delivering 34x optical zoom. It also has a fine zoom of 68x making it possible for you snap far away distances with the camera when in action. If you are recording, the Hybrid vibration reduction ensures that there is no blur at all. This makes it even possible to shoot long distance zooms.

The L830 has a comfortable and elegant design with simple a control and menu system that is intuitive, making it a very easy digital camera to operate. The high resolution LCD can be tilted to get a better view during recording full HD 1080/60i video complete with stereo sound.

The Advantages of Using the COOLPIX L830

You get even closer to things that matter most:

This is thanks to the dynamic fine zoom feature designed with a glass lens that is legendary. The 34x optical zoom lens offers wide angle which is suitable for landscapes and portraits and even telephoto suitable for close-ups during concerts, sports and nature among others. The digital zoom function makes the camera effective doubling your reach.

You master the camera fast:

COOLPIX L830 is designed to offer an easy use. It is a camera that anyone can handle and still manage to take great videos and photos. It even has an easy auto mode for shooting convenience. This makes it possible for camera settings to be optimized automatically making shooting easy, even with the most challenging situations. It has a convenient, simple operation making shooting stress free.

You enjoy the best view:

This camera has a large 921,000 LCD display which makes it very easy to compose shots and even monitor video recordings. It makes reviewing and also sharing the creations pleasant. You can be sure to get fantastic shots with the display.

You can record superior videos:

This compact camera can shoot amazing full HD 1080p videos which simply translate to exceptional quality. You have the chance to record the action before connecting to HDTV to watch the videos. It has an in-built microphone which records high quality audio in stereo.

You can let the camera do the work for you:

This is thanks to the 19 scene modes which offer effortless videos and photos. The camera has 19 scene modes which it can optimize to match a moment. They include night portrait, snow, beach and sunset among others. With the different stunning modes, you can be creative to make ordinary shots look superb. You can also select auto mode, which lets the camera choose the most suitable mode for the situation saving you all the trouble to making setting changes.

The camera is powered by 4 x AA batteries and comes with a lens cap, USB cable and strap.

Although the camera is good on the overall, it does have some minor issues such as not having a viewfinder. Also, the screen is slightly difficult to view in bright light.

To find out more about the []Nikon COOLPIX L830 digital camera and other similar products that can make your video shooting and photography a blissful activity, please click on the link given below. []Nikon COOLPIX L830 digital camera.

Article Source: [] Nikon COOLPIX L830 16MP CMOS Digital Camera With 34x Zoom NIKKOR Lens and Full 1080p HD Video Review

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Are you making youtube videos for your business?

Are you making youtube videos?

How To Make Killer Money With YouTube: Pimping YouTube For Fun and Profit

Learn how to use the power of video for your business.

Video really packs a powerful online punch for marketing.

Are you tired to spending hours and hours writing content?

Imagine putting the big video website to work for your biz.

Viral marketing is the business.

Say so long to long written content.

Are you going to get in front of the camera?

What are some of the options for making videos?

There are software programs that can help make your videos.

More Useful Links

A Secret Video Bootcamp

Learn about the power of whiteboard videos

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What are you watching this summer?

Big Brother – Not watching it

Under the Dome – Watching it just barely

Hemlock Grove – Turning it on and turning it off

The Glades – Cliffhanger, I thought this show was okay

Hell on Wheels – Another good season, they should really do more than 10 episodes a season. 10 episodes is like cheating.

Thank goodness the summer is almost over

Can you smell it?

Is it starting to sink in just a little bit?

Play the music.

Mmmmmmm……NFL Football Season…YES!

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Hemlock Grove Season 2

Are you watching netflix hemlock grove season 2? It is one of the netflix original series. The story line moves kind of slow and it is a bit creepy.

If you want to see another series of vampires and werewolves, this is your show.

It is about family and business.

The hemlock grove can get gruesome at times. One of the characters is really weird looking. There have been more than a few occasions when I decided to click the pause button on the netflix player.

Some shows you can just watch one episode after the other. This one makes you want to take a time out between viewing.

Is trueblood better? I think by a long shot. The pace of hemlock grove moves much slower. If you are into the vamp type of series, it might hold your interest.

I think another series that should get a little bit of love is bitten. I think it is better than hemlock grove also.

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The Glades

They left the series with a cliff hanger. This show was not great, but not bad either. It was one of the those cop shows that was kind of snarky, but good.

Watching this show on netflix was great when you couldn’t find any movies to watch. Light shows like this one are great on the weekends. This is one of those shows that you can binge watch.

Watch Glades on Netflix

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Rake is on Netflix

I am watching this foreign show called rake and it is pretty good on netflix. It is about a lawyer that is really off his rocker. The guy does all kinds of crazy stuff. He cheats with his friends wife. The takes drugs. He is a super smart lawyer that keeps people out of jail and gets beat up for not paying his bookie.

The story takes a peek into the world of professionals. Lawyers, politicians and the seedy elements are all mixed into this one. The main character falls for a call girl. He is being hunted by the tax lawyer and the different cases touch on a range of topics.

If you are looking for a series to watch on netflix, you might want to give it a try. They just started an american version of this show, but from the netflix reviews, people seem to like the foreign version better.

123 Copy DVD Platinum is your ultimate digital media studio solution

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