What are you watching this summer?

Big Brother – Not watching it

Under the Dome – Watching it just barely

Hemlock Grove – Turning it on and turning it off

The Glades – Cliffhanger, I thought this show was okay

Hell on Wheels – Another good season, they should really do more than 10 episodes a season. 10 episodes is like cheating.

Thank goodness the summer is almost over

Can you smell it?

Is it starting to sink in just a little bit?

Play the music.

Mmmmmmm……NFL Football Season…YES!

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Hemlock Grove Season 2

Are you watching netflix hemlock grove season 2? It is one of the netflix original series. The story line moves kind of slow and it is a bit creepy.

If you want to see another series of vampires and werewolves, this is your show.

It is about family and business.

The hemlock grove can get gruesome at times. One of the characters is really weird looking. There have been more than a few occasions when I decided to click the pause button on the netflix player.

Some shows you can just watch one episode after the other. This one makes you want to take a time out between viewing.

Is trueblood better? I think by a long shot. The pace of hemlock grove moves much slower. If you are into the vamp type of series, it might hold your interest.

I think another series that should get a little bit of love is bitten. I think it is better than hemlock grove also.

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The Glades

They left the series with a cliff hanger. This show was not great, but not bad either. It was one of the those cop shows that was kind of snarky, but good.

Watching this show on netflix was great when you couldn’t find any movies to watch. Light shows like this one are great on the weekends. This is one of those shows that you can binge watch.

Watch Glades on Netflix

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Rake is on Netflix

I am watching this foreign show called rake and it is pretty good on netflix. It is about a lawyer that is really off his rocker. The guy does all kinds of crazy stuff. He cheats with his friends wife. The takes drugs. He is a super smart lawyer that keeps people out of jail and gets beat up for not paying his bookie.

The story takes a peek into the world of professionals. Lawyers, politicians and the seedy elements are all mixed into this one. The main character falls for a call girl. He is being hunted by the tax lawyer and the different cases touch on a range of topics.

If you are looking for a series to watch on netflix, you might want to give it a try. They just started an american version of this show, but from the netflix reviews, people seem to like the foreign version better.

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House of Cards – Season 2

No spoilers. I just really like the show. They started the season off with a real shocker. Should have seen it coming.

If you like political thrillers, this is the show for you. Netflix really has a good one with this show.

This show is all about power, control, and manipulation. You don’t know who can be trusted, and there are plenty of plot turns.

They play a lot of follow the money games and friends become enemies and then back to friends again.

House of cards is a great show and if you have the time, playing them one after the other is a great trip of entertainment.

This is what is great about netflix. You don’t have to wait to watch what you like once it is released. You can get all the episodes, all you can eat.

I hope netflix start coming up with more great shows like House of Cards.

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The Following

These tv networks are crazy for not putting more of their shows on netflix. I had started watching the fox show the following when it was first introduced, but for some reason, I stopped watching after the first episode. The violence in the first one was kind of over the top. I stopped watching and never went back, until I took a chance on it again while flipping through titles on netflix.

You have to really give a tv show a chance. The great thing about netflix is not having to stop for commercials. The binge tv show watching on a weekend is just the best. The networks should be putting more content up there. I even started heading over to fox to watch the latest episodes. Sites like netflix give a show another chance to start building up momentum.

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