The Glades

They left the series with a cliff hanger. This show was not great, but not bad either. It was one of the those cop shows that was kind of snarky, but good.

Watching this show on netflix was great when you couldn’t find any movies to watch. Light shows like this one are great on the weekends. This is one of those shows that you can binge watch.

Watch Glades on Netflix

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Rake is on Netflix

I am watching this foreign show called rake and it is pretty good on netflix. It is about a lawyer that is really off his rocker. The guy does all kinds of crazy stuff. He cheats with his friends wife. The takes drugs. He is a super smart lawyer that keeps people out of jail and gets beat up for not paying his bookie.

The story takes a peek into the world of professionals. Lawyers, politicians and the seedy elements are all mixed into this one. The main character falls for a call girl. He is being hunted by the tax lawyer and the different cases touch on a range of topics.

If you are looking for a series to watch on netflix, you might want to give it a try. They just started an american version of this show, but from the netflix reviews, people seem to like the foreign version better.

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House of Cards – Season 2

No spoilers. I just really like the show. They started the season off with a real shocker. Should have seen it coming.

If you like political thrillers, this is the show for you. Netflix really has a good one with this show.

This show is all about power, control, and manipulation. You don’t know who can be trusted, and there are plenty of plot turns.

They play a lot of follow the money games and friends become enemies and then back to friends again.

House of cards is a great show and if you have the time, playing them one after the other is a great trip of entertainment.

This is what is great about netflix. You don’t have to wait to watch what you like once it is released. You can get all the episodes, all you can eat.

I hope netflix start coming up with more great shows like House of Cards.

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The Following

These tv networks are crazy for not putting more of their shows on netflix. I had started watching the fox show the following when it was first introduced, but for some reason, I stopped watching after the first episode. The violence in the first one was kind of over the top. I stopped watching and never went back, until I took a chance on it again while flipping through titles on netflix.

You have to really give a tv show a chance. The great thing about netflix is not having to stop for commercials. The binge tv show watching on a weekend is just the best. The networks should be putting more content up there. I even started heading over to fox to watch the latest episodes. Sites like netflix give a show another chance to start building up momentum.

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Amazon Drones

What did you think about the 60 minutes Amazon Drones piece? It is still a long way off at best, but can you think about drones dropping off your amazon purchases?

I guess this could only work in less populated areas.  This is starting to get like the old terminator movies.  A bunch of machines flying in the air.


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Video Editing Software

If you try to browse the internet, you will notice that there are lots of perks. Nothing comes for free these days but you know what, you can find a lot of freebies online and that includes video editing materials such as editing software programs.

Video editors these days can take advantage of free software programs which allows them to do editing tasks at home. Of course, there are paid software programs (most of them are too complicated for newbies) but why pay for something that you can get free of charge?

The one thing about free software can be the limited features. If you can handle a software program with less features that is fine. What you might also notice is that some better grades of video editing software will offer a free trial period. They get you learning the software and before you know it the trial period has ended. Free versions of software might leave some of the best features off the table that can save you some time. Do you really need all the extra features? That is a question that you will need to ask yourself. Sometimes software can have too many options that just lead to confusion.

Years ago, editors had a difficult time in doing their jobs. In fact, they also need to spend a lot of money in editing a short film. Things have changed much over the years and now, editors can do their work at home as long as they have a powerful computer and useful editing software.

Editing tools are often expensive and complex. A very good example is the Adobe Creative Suite which costs around $1,800. This software offers complex manipulation tools and after effects. Similar to this software is the FCS (Final Cut Studio) which costs about $1,300 but you will need to purchase an Apple computer in order to use the program.

Amateur video editors may be able to afford these expensive software programs but not all of them are willing to spend huge money. Most videographers today work on camcorder footages and they want a cheap alternative to edit the videos. If video editing is your hobby, you can use free software programs instead.

Most of today’s Macs and PCs are equipped with competent and reasonable video editing software like the IMovie and Windows Movie Maker. These tools are very easy to use and you can edit any part of the clips by simply dragging and dropping them for editing. You can even create titles with the program or use dissolves and fades.

For most videographers, the free software programs are already enough to make simple fancy transitions to make an interesting final video for your family occasions. For those who want to use extra free tools, there are other choices online for free.

For Macs, you can also use Hyperengine-AV. With this tool, you won’t get stuck on a certain track when editing. You can randomly place video, audio, effects, and transitions on the timeline. You can also use the links that allow you to use the QuickTime toolset of Apple so you can easily adjust brightness, video color, and make other alterations.

You can also try Blender. This free software offers complex video editing tools. You can use it as a 3D computer and compositing graphics tool. It is functional and complex but it is also easily learned.

The most popular tool used in Hollywood movies is Avid. It is truly expensive but you can also find a free version of Avid – the Videospin. It is similar to the software of Pinnacle. With this software, you can directly output your video to YouTube.

Avidemux can work on Linux, Mac, and Windows and it is also free. It is stable and can handle diverse file formats. Then there’s also Jahshaka or T@BZS4 and Wax. Search for them online and download the software program. Now, you can start editing your video clips at home without encountering difficulties.

Create memorable quality videos using the free software programs.

Useful links – Paying for better video editing software is another option

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