Straight Outta Compton Movie

The movie Straight Outta Compton is all over social media. Just search for the hashtag #straightouttacompton and you will see how popular the pioneering west coast rap group is in the eyes of many. It is hard to believe the amount of time that has passed since the group came on to the scene.


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Easy E | Ice Cube | Dr Dre | MC Ren | DJ Yella

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Watched Zoo

I watched the first episode of Zoo on CBS and I thought it was good. The idea of animals starting to wake up and become more aggressive was something to watch. You still don’t have a clue about what is going on, but there was plenty of anxiety and anticipation on finding out what the big deal was that caused these strange events to start taking place.

Everybody knows that things are always changing. The stories about evolving species is something that everybody learns in school, but experiencing change is something else. Zoo had a few different events happening in different locations so it was like the puzzle pieces where being laid out, but the whole picture is not yet fully in view.

The episode seemed to just fly by. There was not a lot of violence shown during the episode, they just let you fill in the details with your mind. The sounds were the substitute for graphic violent scenes.

The first episode brought enough meat to make you want to watch next week. I hope they can keep this up for the rest of the summer.

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Friday is a classic


The movie friday is a classic. Have you ever heard anybody say bye felicia? Do you know about smokey? The characters in friday are off the chain and they are memorable.

What do you think about when you see pops? Are you still talking about the bathroom scene? There are so many one liners in this movie that it is crazy.

The big bully d-bo was a real menace in the hood. Nobody wanted to deal with him. They would hide all of their stuff. Now, people around the world say you got knocked the —- out.

Do you remember seeing big worm roll up? How could anybody get fired on your day off? Walking into the kitchen and thinking about eating everything in the fridge.

Sitting down at the table, pouring the cereal and then finding there is no milk. What images pop into your head when you hear the two words mrs parker? What about someone jogging in the hood?

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Movies Flix

What are the good reasons for going to a movie theater these days? They are more expensive. The costs of going to the movies seems higher and you have lots of options for watching content. The movie theater seems to have the best popcorn in the world, but is that the only reason to think about paying big money for movie tickets and driving to watch a show?

The costs for one set of movie tickets would probably cover a month of a netflix subscription. This is a big deal because you are taking a chance on a movie for about two hours, but with netflix, you have a whole month of unlimited entertainment.

The one thing going for the summer movies is that you have an experience. You remember going to the movies with your friends and making it a whole day thing. It might have been going to the mall and hanging out and then meeting up at the local theater to watch a flick on the big screen. There is something about watching movies on a really big screen. This experience is almost recreated at home with the big screen tvs that you can buy and bring home.

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The movie theaters are cool during the summer because they have the air conditioning. It is a place where you can escape and get away for a few hours. Grabbing your big bucket of expensive popcorn and watching all of the buttery goodness flow like river before munching it down while your eyes are glued to the flickering of the action movies and the bass thumping around the walls.

There are just so many choices and the ways that people can watch are crazy. Do you remember the drive in theaters? Pulling into the drive in lot and seeing those little boxes on the stands in the lanes. You pulled up and rolled down your window and picked up that box and placed it where you could hear everything. It was an experience.

It's good to be in the club!

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TV Exercise and Old Shows

What can cause people to take the first step to getting into shape? It might be sittind down and watching tv. Why tv? You probably have seen some of those commercials that talk about the latest exercises. The fitness and health industry is a big industry. People want to have good bodies and they want to stay healthy. This is a problem when you are just sitting around the house on the couch. Enter the world of exercise videos.

The fitness dvds can be watched from home, but people still have to take the first steps and actually start doing the workouts. Popping a dvd into the dvd player and doing some exercise is a good thing. TV watching means people are just sitting back and that is not good. Getting up and doing some exercise is good and learning how to exercise with videos is great.

The one thing that remains constant are new diets and new workout videos. One of them or a few of them get hot and everybody starts talking about them. You can find exercise routines on dvd without a problem.

Popping in a dvd and starting an exercise plan might be a lower cost way of getting back into shape. How many people have gym memberships, but they never show up. The monthly gym membership fee keeps on hitting the credit card account, but the person never actually steps foot inside of the gym or gets on a machine to do a workout. Is this just a pure waste of money that could be used to buy some fitness dvds that can be played over and over again?

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Some people don’t care about working out and being in shape. They just want to be entertained and watch what they like to watch. They love the old tv shows and the new stuff just does not measure up. They could care less about putting on some exercise clothes and standing in front of the tv doing aerobics. They would much rather go to the kitchen and get all of their favorite snacks and plop down in their favorite place and binge watch their
past favorite tv shows.

They might be on the lookout for the shows that they can pop into their dvd players. Some of the new shows on tv just won’t cut it. They look at the summer line ups and they think that they are just a waste of time. The good shows from the past seem to heads and shoulders above the current shows.

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What are you going to do? Are you going to be using progressive scan dvd players to watch exercise videos and get healthy? Are you going to watch classic movies and tv shows? Could you do both with your cheap dvd players?

Some might even take a bolder step and use the dvd player to learn something new and helpful. Getting into shape and watching for enjoyment are great, but using it for learning is another option that people don’t really think about. How could making that one adjustment help? Even a small shift could be helpful.

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I saw a commercial for battlebots, but I didn’t think I would end up watching it. You know it was one of those days with not much on. I must have finished watching something else and saw that it was coming on. What was I watching before? I think it was one of those midsomer murder episodes on acorn media. Anyway, I switched back to regular tv and saw that battlebots was coming on and decided to check it out.

It was pretty good. They had different teams competing and they made it seem like a boxing match or an mma fight. A big cage really is needed. They had stuff grinding up metal. It almost reminded me of the saw movies for a few minutes. They explored the backgrounds of the teams that made the robots and I guess that was okay. The matches only last a few minutes and then go to the judges, if necessary.

The show seems like a mix of a lot of different stuff. You have boxing, cage match, horror movie metal crushing, sparks flying, mini bots and much more. I could do with a little bit less of the announcers, but I guess they do that to fill up some time.

Be on the lookout for the flashing lights. It gets dark and then it is on. It is like mad max beyond the thunderdome. Some of those bots get totally destroyed. Others look like they are done and then the hazards inside the arena take them down. I thought I would not end up watching it, but battlebots is not that bad. You might end up becoming hooked. Some of the machines that look like nothing come in and do real damage.

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Redbox DVD Machines – Grocery Stores and Gas Stations

Some people like to go outside and travel around town. They enjoy getting into their cars and turning on their favorite music and finding fun things to do. Redbox is smart for placing some of their machines in the high traffic areas of daily life.

Where do you see those dvd machines? You walk into the grocery store and before you make it a few steps, there is a redbox machine or two that is right in eye sight. Why would they place them there? It is really simple. They know that people have to eat and someone is going to have to go get the groceries.

So who goes to the grocery store? People that are in a spending habit. People go to the grocery store for one reason. To Buy. Now, people in the buying mood are already thinking about pulling out their credit cards and debit cards to pay for the goodies. When they are coming into the store and when they are leaving, they see the big red box that is filled with all kinds of entertainment and enjoyment.

Don’t think that the dvd machines are just for the grown ups. Kids are probably thinking about getting something fun to do also. Did you notice how the redbox machines changed. They use to have little static images of the new movies that were getting released and coming soon. They upgraded some to add digital.

The dvd machines have video games and movies so it does keep them relevant for a while. People are constantly flowing into the grocery stores to get food and they are getting the message about movies and games. They might be on the snack aisle and see those boxes of extra buttery popcorn and start thinking about what to watch. They might be picking up their favorite bag of chips and thinking about what the new releases are this week. They could say to themselves, isn’t it tuesday? I wonder what is the hot movie that is in that machine right now?

Another place where you see lots of the movie machines is at the gas stations and convenience stores. What is the big deal about these? It does not take much to think about why. People are driving and they have to keep on filling up their cars with gas. Sure, there are the people that have those hybrid cars, I don’t know if they even have to go to the gas station that much. Anyway, people have to stop at the gas station. It doesn’t matter what the gas prices are for the day. The gas prices could be super high or going really low and people will still be driving their cars to the gas pumps. This means that the redbox dvd machines have an audience within eye view. It is hard to miss that big red movie machine in plain view. There are some people that might be able to avoid it. They may pull out their credit cards at the gas pump and pay right there. Other people will make the walk into the store to pay the clerk. They walk right past that dvd machine and they will quickly think about it on the way in and on the way out.

The other thing about the dvd machines is that you have to go back. You rent the movie one day and you have to return it. This puts the dvd process right back in your face again. You get a quick view of what is new. Have you missed watching one of those big releases at the theater? Are you going to take a chance and watch it for a few bucks? These are just a couple of questions that might creep in while you are pumping the gas.

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Movie Streaming

Are you finding yourself doing more movie streaming and less watching dvds? I will be honest and say that my dvd player is starting to really collect some dust.

The switch to digital has really changed my viewing habits. It seems like it happened almost overnight. There was a time when people were hunting for dvds and dvd players. You remember when the words progressive scan used to mean something. Do you remember those big dvd players? Then before long, they started to get smaller and smaller. They didn’t take up a lot of space and they stopped costing a lot of money. Before long, they got super cheap like under 50 dollars cheap.

What was the big deal? Companies started popping up and changing the game. The internet and online streaming movie and tv slowly started coming into shape and changing the way that people got videos. Do you remember when the internet use to be really slow. I mean you could hear the model start dialing. They called it dialup internet back then. The web pages would take long to load. It seemed like minutes sometimes when the pages had lots of graphics on them. Now, the internet speeds are super fast and those webpages could load in seconds.

The changes in technology made it to where watching a movie through the internet was now the thing to do. Some of the people were ahead of their time and thinking about the future. It really didn’t seem to make sense back then, but now, you know that the people at netflix where thinking ahead.

Netflix started in the dvd game and then slowly started pulling people deeper into the web. Now, people are okay with sitting at home on their high speed internet connection leaning back into their couch to watch movie online marathons.

Netflix proved that watching tv and movies on the web was the way to move forward. People don’t really even think about dvds anymore. You find them at the dollar stores for super cheap these days. Now, there are plenty of internet streaming movie services on the web. Lots of new companies are joining into the section. Just take a look at this service that has a 7 day free trial for watching hd movies. Faster internet speeds and content are making enjoying movies better and better.

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